When you download to a mobile device, your file is saved in the app that is associated with the type of file being downloaded. For example, a music file might be saved in iTunes or Google Play. A PDF file might be saved in iBooks or PlayBooks. Unfortunately a lot depends on your mobile device settings so there is no specific instructions that cover everyone.

An application to open the file type must be installed on your mobile device first or the download will fail. For .zip and .rar files, your mobile device will not have apps pre-installed to open them (please see more information below.)

PDF files:

You can open those in iBooks on iPads and iPhones but Adobe Reader will allow you to do more with the file once it is downloaded.

You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader for mobile devices here: http://www.adobe.com/products/reader-mobile.html

Zip/Rar files:

Your file may be compressed in a zip or rar format to reduce download times. You will need an app to unzip the file(s) inside. You can find many free apps at the Apple, Google Play or Amazon stores to do this. Below are a few free options:


From the Apple Store:








From the Google Play Store:

for Android users:



From Amazon:




Ebooks with DRM protection will need a reader app. As with the other file types, there are various apps you can download. We recommend the Bluefire App.  You can download it from the Apple or Google Play store or directly from the Bluefire webpage here:



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