Our largest seller of Ebooks provides them in .ACSM format to make downloading easier. ACSM stands for Adobe Content Server Manager.

These are ePub files packaged as a .ACSM file to use with Adobe Digital Editions.
To correctly download and open the Ebook, Adobe Digital Editions must be installed and authorized with your Adobe Id first.  

If you do not have an Adobe id, go here to get one:

To authorize your computer, open your Adobe Digital Editions, then click on the Help - Authorize Computer
Once you have done that, look in your downloads and find the .ACSM file that you previously downloaded and double click it to open in Adobe Digital Editions.

Please be sure to let the download complete before trying to open it. Once the ebook is authorized through Adobe Digital Editions you can then open it using other reader apps available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Other Ebooks with DRM protection will need a reader app. As with the other file types, there are various apps you can download. We recommend the Bluefire App.  You can download it from the Apple or Google Play store or directly from the Bluefire webpage here:



** Please contact support@tradebit.com if any of the links above are broken.