If the product you downloaded is missing information, or differs from what you expected, please contact the merchant / seller directly. They are in the best position to help resolve the issue or provide a refund.

Each product page has a link to contact the merchant / seller directly with any questions, complaints, or refund requests. The contact link is under the File Data section of the product page as shown in this example:


If the merchant / seller does not reply within 2 business days please contact support@tradebit.com and request a refund. Be sure to state clearly that you already contacted the merhcant / seller and they did not reply.

Important: Do not open a paypal dispute right away. This is the slowest option for receiving a refund. Contact the merchant / seller first. If there is no reply, contact support@tradebit.com. Paypal disputes will cause a delay and could result in the seller blocking you from future purchases.